Finn upp

Problem solving, creativity and inventing in Swedish schools.

Finn upp is a youth program which was founded in 1979. We want to stimulate adolescents’ creativity and inspire a new generation of inventors with an enterprising spirit.

Finn upp motivates pupils to work with problem solving by practising to identify problems in their own environment and also trying to solve them. By working with their own ideas in school we believe not only that the level of motivation increases to learn and search for new knowledge but also to see the long term value of using knowledge from different subjects and areas while practically working with ideas and projects. It also helps building confidence and self awareness in each student.

The main focus of Finn upp is the creative process of inventing. We supply all Swedish secondary schools with pedagogic material to be used in class when working with inventions and problem solving.

Every year we arrange a national wide inventions competition for students in the ages of 12-15 years. Since the first competition in 1979 more than 65 000 ideas have been taking part in the competition and since 1991 more than half of the ideas come from girls.

Our aim is:
For Sweden to be able to maintain its global competitiveness, we need to prepare young people for working life and stimulate their innovation quest.
We do this at Finn upp by including thousands of young people on an inventor’s journey.

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